Zotero – Cool Technology Tool

Here is a life changing cool tool that would help you to collect, organize, cite and share  online resources. Whether you are a student or a  faculty member, this is indeed a very cool, useful tool. In my opinion, it has features that are far more superior to any other tool that I have used so far. You could log on to the main Zotero site at   http://www.zotero.org/.

You can collect online resources such as books, book sections , articles, presentations, etc from the web, journal databases very easily. Once you download Zotero using the firefox browser, there will be an icon appearing next to the url of the online resource. By simply clicking it, you can include that resource directly into your Zotero account. You can also include soft copies that you may have in your own PC.

Once you collect the resources, Zotero allows you to organize them into folders, sub folders. You can duplicate the same resource into more than one folder.

The best part is, you can simply click your resources and create a citation and a bibliography using more than 25 citation styles.  The KPU library recently had a workshop on how to use Zotero. Check the following link for the presentation they provided.


Zotero does have its own limitations. Currently it is not supported by the Internet Explorer. However within these limitations, I found this to be a life changing experience in managing all my online resources. It has a backup system as well.

Check it out.

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