Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies


For the learning objectives stated, the following table will illustrate different teaching strategies associated with it. This instruction will take place in a learning lab and appropriate computer based techniques are associated with it.

Teaching strategies are presented in the form of a lesson plan highlighting the sequencing of activities (Pre instructional, delivery, practice and follow up), Teaching strategy used for each/several learning objectives and to give a clear rationale for use. The size of the class is limited to 35 students and all students are assigned to groups of 5.


Pre – Instructional

Bridge in-Opening Use a video clip (2 minute) to   open up the session which will catch the student’s attention introducing how   social media is used in a business context. This video clip should end up   with a question provoking the thoughts of students asking how many of them   knew the application of social media to business.


2 mins

Pre Assessment



Ask students in pairs to list   different forms of social media that they are aware of and put them on the   board.

5 mins

Introduce the goals of the instruction


Present the first and the second   goal of the planned instruction as an agenda item.

3 mins

Delivery and Practice

Learning Objectives


Teaching Strategy



Define social media in different   user related context


Lecture – Using a power point and a   concept map, the definitions, different perspectives related to learning and   the historical evolution in terms of a time line will be briefly presented. The rationale   for the lecture is to present new material. Many students are not aware of   social media as a term, the different perspectives of its use and the time   line of its evolution.

15 mins

Explain the historical evolution   of social media


Explain different social media   formats available for business use with a particular emphasis on social   networking. Discussion Groups – distribute a two   page handout that includes the four main social media formats with their   meanings and their components. Assign a media format to each group and get   them to report back on the formats. Each group will be given 5 minutes to   discuss the content and then the four groups will be given two minutes each   to report back. A large group discussion will take place after that. Students are   aware of most of the applications. Giving them an opportunity to explain what   they know will make them fully engaged. Any existing knowledge gaps could be   covered through the material and will make each member more inquisitive to explore   a format that they may not be aware or familiar with. The large group   discussion will help them to cover the contents and will allow the instructor   to provide more information.

20 mins

Demonstrate the use of three   application tools used in a selected social networking software platform. Computerized Instruction & Demonstration – the instructor   will narrow down the social media formats to social networking and will   further focus on one networking site. (www.ning.com).   The instructor will introduce the application tools available in this network,   their functionality and demonstrate the use of these applications. This will   allow the instructor to present new material with regard to the application   tools. Demonstrating how each tool will work will allow students to   understand its applications. The students are also encouraged to log on to   the demonstration site and play with the applications. Students will be given   sample data files to run the applications.

30 mins

Register with a new or an   existing social networking application Demonstration – the instructor will   demonstrate how students could register with one of the sites to develop   application tools. Once registered, students would be encouraged to either   join an existing network or create a new network. This session   is important as a prelude to support real time experience dealing with the   network. Also students will be encouraged to join or create a dummy network   to base their project work (explained in assignment 6)

10 mins


15 mins

Apply the use of social   networking tools to a given business scenario Video Case Analysis as Small Group   Discussions– use a video case to show how some of the www.ning.com social network applications could   be used for small business applications. Students will be assigned to come up   with different applications learnt earlier for each of the different business   scenarios discussed in the case. The 10 minute   video will be played which shows applications followed up by the paper   review. Through student discussions, how each tool could be applicable for   different business use could be demonstrated. Different groups with different   scenarios will allow many application tool opportunities to be discussed.

40 mins

Design a template based   application tool Demonstration/Student Group Activities   – This activity will support their project work. Each student project groups   (same as the discussion groups) will be requested to use the web tools in www.ning.com and design three tools that they   would like to use for their project. This will   allow students to try developing the applications themselves and with the   instructors being around and demonstrating based on their individual group   requirements, they would be able to understand the trivial issues related in   using the applications.

20 mins

Follow Up

Add content to the template   created. Demonstration/Homework – Showing   students how to add content to the templates that they created earlier by   giving them sample data. Students are required to add content on their own as   group project work. This section,   while teaching them how to manage different tools will also provide them to   build their project which is part of their formative evaluation (explained in   assignment #6). Demonstration of how each activity is done and through   project work, its real applications will be learned fulfilling both the goals   set to familiarizing them to the tools and giving them application knowledge   of the tools to be used in a real life scenario.

20 mins

Invite friends to the social   network Demonstration/Homework – Showing   students how to add a new friend and assign students to invite their friends   to the network they joined or created.


Same as above
Create social conversations to   support the business application tool created. Demonstration/Homework – Showing   students how to give feedback to some of the discussions that are generated   through the tools. Assign students to continue the discussions with their   invited friends in creating business opportunities.
Questions and assigning follow up   work Students will   also get an opportunity to raise questions specifically to project work that   they would be expected to carry out by themselves and to clarify any area   that needs further explanation.
Time   allocation

180 mins


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