About Nishan


Creative professional educator with a passion for teaching , developing program content, curriculum and academic administration. Enjoy the process of combining academic acumen with industry practice and technology. Energetic, innovative approach to methodology along with twenty years of consolidated experience in teaching, academic administration, training and commercial business management. Takes a specific interest in education technology related trends that supports teaching and learning


  • Teaching Marketing and Management Courses
  • Program and Curriculum Design
  • Educational Technology and Learning Design


Currently teaching Marketing courses such as Introduction to Marketing, Small Business Essentials, Retail Marketing, International Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management, Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Marketing Information Management.

Was the lead developer of the BBA in Marketing Management degree initiated by the Marketing Department. Led and worked with the department in developing this degree and successfully managed to get all the internal approvals within the University. Created and served in many committees that led to the development of this degree.

Served in the Kwantlen Education Technology Committee,Divisional Curriculum Committee, and Text Book Selection Committee, Marketing Degree Development Team etc.

Teaching Philosophy – Believes in teaching students and not courses. Supports students in managing rigor and a thorough approach in carrying out their course work.

Research Interests – currently interested in using technology to facilitate student learning and engagement. Takes a specific interest in how cultural differences affect learning and online listening behaviours of students to design productive online discussion interventions.

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