Context Identification, Policy Problem Definition & Modeling

Part 01 1.      Context, Environment of the Problem Situation The faculty members at X polytechnic University uses many forms of learning management systems (LMS) to support their teaching efforts. The variety of LMS adopted causes problems for students since it leads to a new learning curve experience all the time and causes problems for support … Continue reading

Addressing Resistance to use Technology by Faculty Members Through Professional Development Initiatives from Different Cultural Lenses

Structure of this Paper This paper is presented in two parts. Part 01 will address the background, research problem, research questions, literature review and the methodology used to measure resistance vs. usage intensity in using learning management systems for teaching and learning purposes by faculty and students attached to the School of Business at X University. … Continue reading

Article Review : Proposed Model for Evaluating C/LMS Usage in Higher Education Institutions

Critical Review:  Proposed Model for Evaluating C/LMS Usage in Higher Education Institutions 1.      Introduction The article under review relates to a proposed model presented in evaluating the usage of content/learning management systems used in a higher educational environment. The citation of the article reviewed is presented as follows. Janossy, J. & Hover, T. (2008). Proposed … Continue reading

Annotated Bibliography: Administrative Issues Related to Resistance to Use Technology Based/Online Tools by Faculty and Students

1.      Resistance to Use Technology Annotated Bibliography on Typologies of Resistance to Use Technology by Faculty Members  Mitchel, B & May, G , (2009) ‘Attitudes Affecting Online Learning Implementation in Higher Education Institutions’, Journal of Distance Education, VOL. 23, No. 1, 71-88 This paper identifies attitudes that relate to exploring the use of online learning … Continue reading