Different Generations of eLearners

INTRODUCTION I am a Gen X (born in the mid-seventies). About 98% of students I teach are a mix of Millennials and Generation X students. The generational cohort is said to significantly influence one’s developmental years, shaping the way an individual interacts and experience the world (Holyoke & Larson, 2009). Thus, identifying the era a … Continue reading

Promoting Student and Institutional Success

Promoting Student and Institutional Success https://nishancperera.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/promoting.pdf

Results of the Evaluation

Results of the Evalution https://nishancperera.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/results.pdf

Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Plan 1.      Evaluation of Learning  The formative and the summative evaluation plan for learning are highlighted in below. The table presented below will indicate how each of the tasks/questions relates to each of the learning objectives identified. In terms of grading, as stated in assignment one, 20% of the final grade is allocated for … Continue reading

Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies   For the learning objectives stated, the following table will illustrate different teaching strategies associated with it. This instruction will take place in a learning lab and appropriate computer based techniques are associated with it. Teaching strategies are presented in the form of a lesson plan highlighting the sequencing of activities (Pre instructional, … Continue reading

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives The following table explains how the goals, domain, tasks, learning objectives are aligned for the planned instruction for 3 hours.   Goal Domain Tasks Learning Objectives Explanation After   the lesson the students should be able to A Cognitive Definitions Define social media in different   user related context Social media   is … Continue reading

Content/Task Analysis

Content/Task Analysis https://nishancperera.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/dsc_39404.jpg

Assessment of Learner Characteristics

A Brief Description of the Population The population of students that would be subjected to the given instructional topic are students who have enrolled for the “Essentials of Small Business” course taught at the first year level in the Marketing Diploma at X University. This course is also offered in other programs and students from … Continue reading

Description of Instructional Goal

Topic of the Instructional Session  Use of Social Networking Media to Promote Small Businesses Marketing Efforts. This topic will be initially taught as pilot project in a current small business entrepreneurship course that I am presently teaching at the X  University. It will attempt to incorporate how social media could be used to promote small … Continue reading

Provincial Instructor’s Diploma – Practicum

Provincial Instructor’s Diploma – Practicum https://nishancperera.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/perera-2008-practicum-provincial-instructors-diploma-bc.pdf