Teaching Philosophy

I have been teaching since I was 21 years old. Inspired by my mother who was a teacher, I believe teaching allows one to mold and influence the way generations think and act. Currently teaching Marketing and Business related courses. I am also interested in teaching courses that relate to the field of Education.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

I believe learning is the best gift that one could give one self. Although today many consider education to be an entitlement, one should never take education for granted. Education and learning will mold a person; will prepare them to meet life’s challengers. Therefor one should attempt to go beyond acquiring knowledge in a classroom and make all attempts to learn from various experiences. Students will only learn if they are passionate in engaging in learning. It is a lifelong experience.

I do recognize that every student learn differently. I also recognize that students from different cultural groups bring in unique experiences to the classroom and as a teacher; one should be receptive to these differences. Often we use one yard stick to measure learning but one size will never fit all.

I believe that knowledge is constructed and not acquired. As a teacher, my role is to facilitate the learning process rather than being a subject matter expert alone.

I strongly believe in the use of technology to support learning beyond the classroom. It provides excellent opportunities to reach students with different learning styles and also allowing them to be co-contributors towards the knowledge creation process.

Teaching Style

I expect my students to be prepared when they come to my classes. I also like to follow a planned approach to teach, breaking each section of the class into distinctive segments. I use a series of questions to stimulate students to think and encourage all students to communicate in large or in small groups. I use small group work to help students to grasp the concepts and bring in large group discussions to share the work carried out by the groups. I believe in academic rigor and depth in work and discourage students to be superficial in their thoughts or in their written submissions.

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach the following courses

  • Introduction to Marketing (MRKT1199)
  • Small Business Essentials (MRKT1235)
  • Consumer Behaviour (MRKT1299)
  • Consumer Behaviour (MRKT1299) – Fully Online
  • Retail Management (MRKT2321)
  • International Marketing (MRKT2455)
  • Marketing Management I (MRKT2333)
  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing (MRKT4177)
  • Services Marketing (ENTR4300)

Committee Work 

I had the rare privilege of being the lead course developer for the Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing Management Degree launched by the Marketing Department at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Together with a dynamic team, we were able to develop and obtain the required approvals to launch this degree in Fall 2010.

I have also served in the Divisional Curriculum Committee, the Faculty Council attached to the School of Business and have been involved with many departmental level committees.


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