MRKT2333 – Marketing Management I


Students will learn to combine fundamental marketing concepts with proven organizational management practices. Particular attention is focused on the planning process, innovation and product development, and managerial control. This material is approached using lectures and case studies.


 A student who successfully completes the course will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Understand and apply marketing strategies and principles
  • Understand the place of marketing in the management process of an organization.
  • Use the case study approach to analyze and solve marketing problems.
  • Plan, evaluate and implement appropriate solutions to marketing challenges and opportunities
  • Develop a critical awareness of planning, strategizing, and implementation in marketing
  • Understand the financial impact of marketing
  • Analyze and evaluate the performance of different strategies
  • Identify and respond to changes in the company’s environment
  • Produce a marketing plan, utilizing a business report writing format
  • Present a business report and different types of presentations/speeches in a confident manner


  • Case Analysis – Individual
  • Case Analysis – Group
  • Case Presentations
  • Case Critique
  • Class Participation
  • Group Project
  • Mid Term – Case Analysis
  • Final Case Analysis
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