MRKT2455 – International Marketing


Students will focus on the export needs of a small- to medium-sized firm, and on how its current product line can be marketed abroad.  They will investigate how marketers must adapt to foreign environments and adeptly resolve conflicts between political, cultural and legal forces in order to be successful.


Upon successful completion of this course students shall be able to

  • Apply international marketing principles to practical realities in the market place
  • Identify consumer behavior needs for international consumers
  • Formulate international marketing strategies for a medium-sized firm
  • Analyze real overseas situations using the case method
  • Communicate effectively as an international marketer
  • Evaluate market potential in foreign markets


  • Class Participation
  • Chapter Summary Preparation
  • Presentation – World Regional Blocks
  • Individual Assignment – Interview an International Marketing Expert
  • Group Assignment – International Marketing Plan
  • Mid Term
  • Final Exam
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